Welcome to a new vision for businesses 
in the City of West Carrollton!

Our organization is being formed for the sole purpose of revitalizing our downtown, uptown,  our businesses and our community. 

Business is the bedrock on which great communities are built and as we move this initiative forward your participation as a business owner or community member will be vital, both to the organization and the city.

Please join us on  the third Tuesday of each month at the Hackett Center (430 E. Pease Ave. West Carrollton, OH  45449) at 8:00 am  as we define our common goals and our mission.  Join your fellow business owners and strengthen your community.  RSVP below for the next meeting!

Photo's of our FIRST WCMA meeting: July 16, 2013!  THANK YOU for attending!

General Membership Meetings - Third Tuesday of each month at the Hackett Center (Middle School Building) at 8:00 am - 9:00 am. Call 937 847 2222 for more information.